DIY Shea Butter Growth Mix

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 My goal for the rest of the year, is to finally grow out my tapered cut, so I can cut my hair and even it out. In order to achieve this goal, I need to be strict with my "hair regimen". Thus... I am going back to basics. I teamed up with the company Pure Body Naturals, to create a Shea Butter mix, designed to aid in hair growth, and retention(Recipe at the end). It was super easy to make, and if you watch the video below, you can enter to win your very own "Shea Butter Mix Kit"!

      This mix is great for aiding, and retaining hair growth because of it's unique ingredients. I wanted to make a small portion to make sure the mixture meshed well with my natural curls. So my base was half a cup of Shea Butter, which provides moisture to dry & damaged hair/ skin. It also helps repair natural hair suffering from breakage. Shea butter helps smooth and soften kinky curly textured hair, and is a great thick butter to lock in moisture.

    To create a even smoother, creamier butter I decided to add Coconut oil, which strengthens, and moisturized the hair shaft. I also included a thicker oil Castor oil, because it helps to retain moisture in the hair shaft, and aids in thickening/ promoting hair growth.

     Once the concoction is all mixed up, I add my favorite Essential Oils at the very end.  Peppermint oil, to stimulate blood flow, which aids in hair growth, Tea tree oil, for it's anti-funglal properties, Lavender and Eucalyptus, to helps decrease dry scalp (and I love the scent of lavender), and Sweet Orange oil for it's fragrance.

The "Mix" Recipe:

-1/2 a cup of Shea Butter
-1 (1/2)  Table Spoon of Coconut Oil
-1/2 Table Spoon of Castor Oil

20 drops of Essential Oil
-Peppermint Oil (5 drops)
-Eucalyptus Oil (3 drops)
-Lavender Oil (4 drops)
-Sweet Orange Oil (10-15 drops)
-Tea Tree Oil (3 drops)

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